Finding The Perfect Coverage Is Easy...

With so many choices and confusion from TV ads and mailers, the process to obtain Medicare insurance coverage can be quite frustrating, so we've designed a fast and easy way to decide which plan is best for you. Best of all, our services are free:

STEP 1: Call - 888-939-7383 Or Click Here To Book Online

"We review your situation and immediately inform you of any issues you may need to handle prior to us meeting. Then we'll select a good time to meet." A face-to-face meeting is preferred and we typically meet you at your home, where you're comfortable and have access to your information. If you'd like to meet at a coffee shop or diner, we're happy to accommodate.

STEP 2: Learn About Your Options

"As brokers, we have access to every major plan in San Diego County, and throughout California. We spell out exactly what you need based on your personal criteria and you'll quickly be able to see all your options." We will help narrow down your options by asking a few questions about:

  • Your budget
  • Your lifestyle
  • Current Doctor & Hospital preferences
  • Medications
  • Unique Medical Requirements

Step 3: You Pick Your Plan

"You're in control, you get to pick your plan from over 40 different options. My job is simply to make all your options easier to understand, and to help eliminate those plans that simply would not work for you." The final decision is up to you, we're a neutral, unbiased resource here to ensure you fully understand all of your options.

Step 4: We Handle All The Paperwork

"With the perfect plan chosen, we fill out the application and provide copies for your records. we ensure the application is processed according to Medicare's rules and regulations, and that it is issued in a timely manner." We travel with over 40 different applications on-hand, so we're prepared to handle all your paperwork on the spot.

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