"I always have the client's best interest in mind. I constantly hunt for better health care at affordable prices. And my clients thank me for that, year after year."

John Stall - CA License # OE16619

I decided to focus 100% on Medicare because there is a strong need to help Seniors understand what their options are in the constantly changing 'Medicare World" without spending a lot of money. ‚Äč

With over 40 years of insurance experience, helping Seniors is by far the most rewarding opportunity I have ever enjoyed.

Most of my clients are on fixed incomes, so when I can save them money, it goes right to their bottom line! To all my clients who have baked me cookies, told me a great story about their family, given me a hug or referred me to a friend or relative, I thank you from the bottom of my heart,

I look forward to helping as many San Diego Seniors as possible.



"I wanted to be able to offer my clients as many options as possible in San Diego, so I decided to stay independent of the insurance companies. This allows me to remain unbiased, and doesn't put any pressure on my clients. I work for them, not the insurance company."

Peter Palmiotto - CA License # OH48491

Peter is the Founder and CEO of San Diego Medicare Options, a full-service Medicare Insurance Brokerage firm serving San Diego County. Rather than market multiple insurance products, Peter specializes in Medicare insurance only (supplements, advantage plans and prescription drug plans). As a San Diego native and resident, Peter knows the importance of area knowledge and uses that to help his clients throughout the year.

Peter is also the founder and lead educator for www.MedicareInsuranceSchool,com and www.MedicareMastermind.com, which helps other insurance agents learn how to better serve their Medicare clients throughout the country. Peter helps train, motivate and develop marketing strategies for independent Medicare insurance brokers. He also founded The National Insurance Agent Alliance, a nationwide organization promoting and verifying independent Medicare insurance brokers for a safer and easier user experience.

Peter holds his Life & Health insurance license in multiple states. He is certified to sell Medicare Advantage products through the America's Health Plan Insurance Plans (www.AHIP.org) and is a member of the National Association of Professional Agents (www.napa-benefits.org). He is a proud Alumnus of Long Beach State University where he majored in Graphic Design, Sociology and having a good time.